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Ben Compton (
Mon, 13 May 1996 12:33:54 -0700

Replying to LO7350 --

Carol wrote:

>Benchmarking is a waste of time if you are doing what is right at the
>right time.

> Let's assume I am in a fast food business. For me to turn a return
> on investment I need to have a particular net profit.

> I do not need to benchmark one or 100 other fast food outlets to
> know what I need to do.

>My store can achieve the net profit through simplicity, intensity,
> accountability, tenacity, and a positive attitude. In shorter words.
> Do what is right at the right time.

I agree with what you have said; however, I think there is a big
difference between a fast food joint and a large, international
corporation that employees thousands of people.

Your solution is correct in its context -- a small business with a few
employees. I just don't see how your solution applies to large
organizations? Can you help me understand?


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