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Mon, 13 May 1996 11:44:00 EDT

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Joe Hayes writes:

>I employ a wide range of Positive Conflict tools and approaches to
>stimulate what has long been called the "unfreezing" stage. This is where
>people begin to call things into question. Positive Conflict might
>provide another vein for continuing dialog.

In an earlier post to the learning-org in December, 1995 I stated:

"Human relation researchers define conflict as a style or strategy of
interaction. I prefer to explain conflict as a continuum, with
arbitration far to one side and collaboration and teaming on the other.

Within organizations (made up of people interacting-somewhere in this
continuum) are not yet shared MENTAL MODELS of CONFLICT which I would like
to find, discuss, share, define, refine, articulate, etc.

And whether intentional or not, organizations are designed for conflict.
This is neither good nor bad, it just is. However, based on my
experience, research, and observations, conflict is seen (mental model??)
as bad. I prefer to see (my mental model of) conflict as good, not
resolving conflict as bad."

Joe, please elaborate on your wide range of Positive Conflict tools and
approaches used to stimulate change in organizations. I believe there is
an opportunity for synergy between my progression with MENTAL MODELS of
CONFLICT since December and your tools and approaches.

Chris Michel


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