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Mon, 13 May 96 11:45:15 UT

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RE: SOP - How "they" don't get it !

The top-down, bureaucratic systems don't work when the top knows
less than the bottom. In professional high-skilled occupations
administrative systems can only "be helpers" not commanders. The
separation of thinking ( The bosses do the thinking ) and doing (
the workers do the doing ) works at McDonnell's when there are
simple repetitive tasks that can be organized in a science of
management. In public schools, colleges, technical applications,
science, and most modern skilled work; the administration is
little or NO help, they get in the way and screw things up. They
try to set up SOP ( Standard Operational Procedures ) then
inspections, exams, evaluations and regulations in a ecology with
a high levels of uncertainty and change. It doesn't float. It
drives everyone crazy.

The issue is politics not production, habits and prejudices not
knowledge or judgment. People worked their way into power and
can't give it up. HELP I AM THE BOSS AND I CAN'T stop giving
orders, creating forms and Sops. Otherwise, I will be downsized -
A model of organization that is bottom up and the management
staff serve the operational types is upside down, inside out,
with a different psychological set and different climate. I give
up - the leadership of colleges, schools, big companies are not
going to turn themselves upside down and they will NEVER reform.
It's childish to expect reform and leadership from the top. What
works is new life forms, competition, little groups that are
faster and smarter.


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