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Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (74170.1061@CompuServe.COM)
10 May 96 17:31:08 EDT

Replying to LO7340 --

Bill Hobler, in LO7340, had said:

>Your behaving in a collaborative, open, sharing way results from personal
>growth out of our competetive environment. The behavior illicts similar
>behavior from other people (me) and illicits my growth. Doesn't that
>sound as if your behavior is about my continuing choices?

to my comments,

> -- now I realize that it is about their choice and their continuing
> choices and not anything in my behavior.

Thanks, Bill. But I really do believe that, although I can provide
information, (hopefully) stimulate insight, and model behaviors I believe
in, I cannot ___ influence their choice of what they do. The ___ leaves
space for a defining word, possibly "directly" or "significantly" or some
such thing.

I try to influence my son (13) but it is his choice of behavior that is
important. I can share values, I can explain, but I do not want and do
not desire to have him make me Responsible for his actions. The courts
are tending to do that these days (the Shackled Girl here in SC who was
chained to her mother was eventually "let loose" (pun intended) and
committed a burglary and is in the detention center again. But I believe
that it is her Choosing that is the important factor and the ultimate
decider of her contribution to our society or workplace.

Linking to our purpose herein, I believe that the learning organization
can provide information, models, visions, tools, etc. but it is the choice
of the people who are involved as to what occurs.


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