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9 May 1996 13:52:18 -0400

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Thanks, Dave, for reinvigorating this discussion, to which I feel obliged
to add several observations.

1. In fact-based business practice, there is probably impetus away from
beginner's mind to knowledge accumulation. This basic movement toward
facts decreases ability to START with a beginner's mind when embarking on
a new task. Ironic.

2. Responsibility in my manufacturing organization is disconnected or
disassociated from the idea that the more you know, the less you know. We
have to Do, with a capital D; otherwise, we don't generate income to
support ourselves. In order to do, you obtain, hold on to, and sometimes
disseminate with calculation, information and knowledge.

I find this characteristic interesting and against my gut beliefs. I try
to do something about it.

3. I have not read recent books about running a business organization
with a soulful, of God-recognizing, or spiritual approach. Can principles
espoused contained in these apply to line workers? Must they if
supervisors want to generate successes in business?

Best regards,

Barry Mallis
TQ Resource Manager
MARKEM Corporation
Keene, NH U.S.A.

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