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Replying to LO7204 --

Reading through David Reed's "drizzles" in reply to Barry
(LO7229), it occurred to me that I already had something in my file that
was probably relevant to the discussion of the goals of general education.
It might even be something that a real activist would print out, drop off
at her or his kid's school, ask the faculty and administration if they
thought the instrument was valid and, if so, what sort of grade they gave
themselves. Looks like this:
Marion Brady


On a scale from 1 through 10 with 10 the highest score, rate your school's
present curriculum on each of the items below.

My school's curriculum:

1. Relates to students' immediate experience in ways they understand and
consider important. _____

2. Constantly involves students in a full range of thought

3. Makes clear the relative importance of various fields and kinds of

4. Emphasizes direct contact with the real world rather than with verbal,
paper, electronic, or other "secondhand" versions of reality. _____

5. Is comprehensive--ranges across all fields of study, and reveals the
futility of the notion of "covering the material." _____

6. Recognizes that the young ordinarily prefer activity to

7. Helps students build a single, logically integrated conceptual
structure for organizing and relating everything they know._____

8. Recognizes that learning does not occur unless there is emotional

9. Has built-in mechanisms which adapt it to change._____

10. Has an agreed-upon, overarching goal that students know, understand,
and accept, and all instructional activities are consistent with this





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