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Thu, 09 May 1996 15:18:43

I have seen a few converstaions on the list which talked about
large group processes and I thought people might be interested in
a workshop which Billie Alban and Barbara Bunker run several time a

In 1992 Billie and Barbara edited a special edition of The
Journal of Applied Behvioural Science on Large Scale Interventions
with contributers from many of the various practitioners. They
have done considerable work looking at the development of large
group process and have just finished collaborating on a book on
the topic which will be published in the fall.

The workshop examines the major methods for large group
interventions, including the similarities and differences. It
explore when and how to use large scale and the consultative role
which is needed to support such work. It allow participations to
develop an understanding of the contracting, designing and
planning issues and the difference between large and small group

I have colloborated with Billie myself on a large scale in her
home town of Danbury for the Association of Religious Communities
(150 people 30+ congregations - Methodist, RC, Orthodox, Mormon,
Baptist, Quaker, Unitarian, Jews and Universalist - reaching
common ground) and we put together a workshop on Learning
Organisations for the Church of England (developed a nice model of
what you might see in a LO which I keep meaning to translate into
Email sendable form to share with everyone) She has a great
enthusiasm for her topic and is a great deal of knowledge to

dates are
San Francisco, CA - June 5 - 7
Boston, MA - Oct 30 - Nov 1
Stratford on Avon, England - Nov 6-8
Tampa, FL - Jan 15 - 17

details of the US events can be obtained from Conference Support
Systems - (603) 942 8189 [fax (603) 942 8190]

and in the UK from me (44 121 505 7500 ph and fax) or
Anne Brooks (44 121 457 8450 ph and fax)

Julie Beedon
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