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Barry Mallis (
9 May 1996 10:10:21 -0400

Reply to: Cliff Notes Education

I liked Peter Heineman's phrase conveying his view about some of the
posting we read concerning where education might go, or should go.

Peter typed:

"It appeared to me, and probably incorrectly so, that from some postings
people are looking for a Cliff Notes approach to education."
***end of quote***

Being involved with many community organizations which seek to improve
ties between business and education, I hear from deep inside me a howl
about the aesthetic in education, about learning for learning's sake (as I
see and feel it). And I'm torn between utilitarianism in its modern
clothes, and humanism at its best, conveyed sometimes by educators in
settings which I romantically recall, where pressed dirt on academic paths
of many generations still seems to stand for empathetic Truth.

Rumi writes about it in this quatrain:

My work is to carry this love
as comfort for those who long for you,
to go everywhere you've walked
and gaze at the pressed-down earth.

So who are you?

Best regards,

Barry Mallis
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