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>Today I have been reading a stimulating book 'Seeing Systems' by ? Oshry.
>and the whole top, middle, bottom relationships system is wonderfully
>articulated in their. The key to 'breaking out of the dance' as he would
>say seems to be linked to our ability to seperate blame and responsibility
>- yes executives and managers are responsible and are in unique positions
>to transform the whole system. Everyone can improve process - but
>executives and managers have a perspective on the whole system which
>should support that happening - they can develop processes to build shared
>vision and clarity of purpose, they can put people together who can map
>the system and work with stakeholders to identify and diagnose the issues
>and priorities, they can make information and data available to support
>strategic decision making.

The ultimate missing link in all of this attempt to see the "whole system"
is the absence of any easel that can display it. The process of
Interactive Management can be applied iteratively to develop the artwork,
and video can be applied to portray the painters at work; but the whole
mural is too large to fit the easels on which it is cast. Until real
estate is dedicated just to well-sequenced, comprehensive, graphic
portrayals of up-to-date organizational logic, nobody is going to see the
system in adequate terms. Promote the corporate observatorium.

John N. Warfield



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