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A very well made point about the 'baggage' carried by the term manager in
the world of new organisations.

The question is, "Is management the right term to use and what do we
intend by it in the world of new organisations?"

I do not think it appropriate because of its roots (hands on to make
happen, driving livestock and, more recently, command and control). On
the other hand, I haven't found an acceptable term.
==========emd of quote=============

Let me know if/ when you do. I have also been searching and have
encountered the same problem. Leader has other baggage [heros, those out
in front, etc] and, as recent posts on military organisations have pointed
out these are valid meanings in some contexts. And manager, like the
QWERTY keyboard is a well embedded meme [distinction/ unit of meaning/
artefact] from a different context.

I have soemtimes wondered whetgher it is possible to find a new word
entirely, one which conveys the managers new roles and is powerful enough
to catch the general imagination. Idead anyone?

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK


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