Coordinating Global Teams LO7282
Wed, 8 May 1996 15:24:11 +1200

Replying to LO7264 --

Hi Duncan,

I don't know if we count as an empirical study, but our partnership of six
people operates in three different locations. Our work is exclusively
conducted by teams rather than individuals, and teamsbased on skills sets,
not location. Furthermore we operate as a networked organisation
internationally. At present we are involved in projects in Finland, UK,
USA and Japan, with team members in those locations. For a lot of the time
at leastt one of us is outside NZ.

We therefore rely extremely heavily on electronic communications and
virtual decision making and discussion. We have consciously developed
techniques for doing this well, and we systematically review our own
performance, and debrief when things do not go well.

As a consequence of our reputation in these organisational methods a
senior lecturer in the Management Faculty at Canterbury University here in
NZ will shortly commence a research project in which she will study us to
find out what we do.

Is any of this of interest to you? If so, what would you like to know and
how would you like us to inform you?

kind regards,

Phillip Capper

Phillip Capper
Centre for Research on Work, Education and Business
PO Box 2855
New Zealand


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