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> irt: lacst20@pop.pitt.edu (A. Paz), Mon, May 6, 1996 12:50 AM EST
> Regarding the profit motive of the Learning Organization, I would=20
> say as long as we keep looking for one dimensional answers, we will
> have one dimensional perspectives, and fail miserably in the process
> --- sooner or later.


Thank you for your response to my post. And I wholeheartedly agree=20
with the above statement. However, your response jumps the gun, if=20
you will.

The issue I am trying to present is: How does a learning organization=20
define capital and deal with the profit-motive? I'm not saying that=20
this is the only issue a learning org needs to examine. (In fact, one=20
of the reasons I've raised the issue is to rigorously boarden the=20
scope of "the bottom line.")

Right now I'm in the process of reading the lastest issues of *Tikkun*=20
- a bimonthly critique of politics, culture & society. The lead=20
article is "Prophets vs. Profits: The Meaning of the Marketplace."=20
The whole issue is providing me with lots of food for thought=20
regarding what I, in my ackward way, was struggling with in my=20
original "Learning Org and Capitalism" post.

I intend to ruminate some more on the issue before elaborating=20


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