State of General Educ LO7257
Mon, 6 May 1996 09:09:10 -0400

>I strongly believe that the effort to make learning "exciting" will
>have some very unfortunate, even if unintended, consequences. First,
>the burden on finding an appropriate technique would still fall on
>overburdened and under-resourced teachers.

I agree, however I believe one of the biggest problems is a tenure system
that has kept an entire generation of new teachers out of the ranks of the
public schools. In our area schools the average number of years taught is
15+ and in many schools 20+. It's not just a matter of the material being
"exciting" as much as a need for the instructor to be excited about their
job and what they are teaching. I think many of the teachers are bored
and do not generate the enthusiasm from the students that is needed to
lubricate the learning process.

Doug Sohn


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