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Tue, 7 May 1996 05:57:11 -0400

Replying to LO7212 --

Barry Mallis wrote:
>They, like the MBTI or the Parker Model, can be useful tools for
>collaboration, .... how you're coming across with others manifesting
>different styles. .....

You MAY realize these things. It's not easy. Like so much else, it takes
practice. Don't ever think that our effusions on this list translate quickly
and smoothly into >same-day results.
-- End of quote --

I cannot tell you how often I've been with a group of managers or
employees and I've heard something like. > Ya, we went through that Myers
Briggs stuff at our managers retreat, but it didn't do any good. We still
operate the same way with each other...

When I ask if they bring the materials with them at their next managers
meeting to use as a reminder, or if they as a group made plans on how they
would practice and implement their new learning, etc., I'm look at as if I
have two heads!!!! (I may have)

Reinforceing what Barry said --- It takes practice to creat a positive


Joe DiVincenzo

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