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On Sun, 05 May 1996 09:52 Sherry Gould wrote -

> Three years ago I took over a facility for delinquent girls that was in
> trouble.
> I gave the girls back their shoes; ...[..snip by your host...]
> Brute intimidation had produced chaos and rebellion. More of the same
> would produce more of the same. Confidant assertiveness, delivered with
> liberal rationals, produced a therapeutic, accountable environment that
> delivers an acceptable outcome for costs.
> In a crises situation any one in a management position can spell out
> required actions and expect total cooperation because we have earned the
> confidence of our workers and the residents. I enjoy not having the
> resistance of intimidated, resentful workers and residents when I face a
> threatening situation!
> How could these principles not be beneficial in a profit based, product
> driven system, as well?

They are not only beneficial, they are crucial to being a truly world
class competitor. We have effected similar changes in business
environments and seen the exact same results. Intimidation destroys
commitment, motivation and creativity, but outside of that it's really
great :)

Congrats to you, Sherry, for having found the essence of an effective
prescription for creating excellence with people.

Regards, Joan

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