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William J. Hobler, Jr. (bhobler@cpcug.org)
Mon, 06 May 1996 19:52:12 -0400

Replying to LO7173 --

Jacqueline Mullen

> I admit, I haven't followed the thread on Self-Evident Truths,
>but, for me, a desire to search for them is utterly foreign to how I
>create meaning in my life and relate to others. I begin from the
>presumption that "ultimate truths" are unknowable and that "understanding"
>is through compassionate direct knowledge, subjective in nature.

>I feel are based in listening to, empathizing with, and respecting both
>the differences and commonalities we have as they change in time.

Isn't this the guiding principle that is a reflection of maybe the worth
of an individual should be respected? So we should respect the diversity
of people we meet.


Managers count beans and keep time, Leaders, take risks and ask others to. Each of us must play both roles.

bhobler@cpcug.org Bill Hobler

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