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Barry, here are my drizzles


o We learn to share but we need to see rewards for sharing ideas
o We need to learn how to listen (Very Important!)
o We need more team goal setting
o We need to be introduced to systems thinking, especially in high school
o We need tools for managing teams to be taught and supported


o We need to learn how teams form and storm and norm
o We need to better utilize teams of students outside the classroom to
to plan events, fundraising, and political action.Teams need a broader
range of problems to solve that do not necessarily reflect the classroom
topics. This would allow teams the opportunity to unbridle themselves
and explore the full range of their potential
o We need to learn about team diversity, what it means to have people
with opposing ideas negotiate win-win strategies
o We need to learn negotiation techniques
o We need to learn how to measure teams on their performance. Metrics
should be built around team learning, sharing, strategy/goal setting,
and accomplishments
o We need to learn about bottlenecks in the system; systems thinking and
pulsing the system

Thank you for this opportunity. I have enjoyed pursueing this line of

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