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Re: collaboration is viewed more in the wwII model of collaborateur/spy...

Scott and all,
Funny you should mention that, I've noticed the same thing, except
that it was not in the forfront of my thinking. (my hindbrain catches all
kinds of associations I can't always bring to the front).
The conspiritorial nature of this working together is another one of
the pieces in my "underground system support" theory, which says that most
of the work done in an organization is done in spite of the systems, not
necessarily because of them. (My theory didn't formally exist until
moments ago when I realized this loose collections of ideas actually might
be a theory-or at least a tangible cartoon idea). As a corporate
cartoonist, I find that every customer comes to me asking for something
special just for them, and they want their job pushed to the top of the
priority heap, and that there is "no one else" who can do this for them.
While I enjoy being a "needed" resource, I worry that there is something
fundamentally wrong with what is going on. No-not the cartooning, but the
fact that I have to be in "ca-hoots" with them, so to speak. We always
seem to be working around something or someone, and I can't tell you how
many times I've had to re-draw something because I've in-advertently
crossed someones "turf".
Dealing with turf, and working around klugie systems or organizations
is a pain in the nether regions and takes the attention away from the work
I feel we really need to be doing-the design and implementation of new or
leaner business processes or computing systems. I wish I didn't have to
deal with the "spy" component of LO.

keep smiling...


-- (Michael Erickson)

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