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RE: What's in a name? Boss? LO7184

Keith says,

I have this difficulty that I do not accept any ONE approach as THE
ANSWER. I believe the search for "the answer" stems from our early
conditioning in school where there was one and only one correct answer....

I really agree with that perspective. In past posting I have referred to
situational leadership, meaning that the style one brings to the task at
hand depends on the situation. Who are the people, what is the nature of
the problem with respect to their ability to solve it, and how much time
and money do we have to experiment and make mistakes.

Bill Hobler referred to similar approaches in his postings on military
leaders. There are times to be directive, and there are times to be

A consequence of this is that a leader with one style may be a hero in the
right setting, but ineffective in others. We can probably identify
historical figures who fit this mold. The good news about modern
leadership is that we now recognize the need for more than one approach.


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