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jack hirschfeld (jack@his.com)
Sun, 5 May 1996 10:39:23 -0400

Replying to LO7164 --

Ian Kearney remarked:

>I am also aware that the mere fact that I teach a specialist Course in
>managing change questions the view I have put forward ,but then we do not
>live in a perfect world .
>Are there other views ?

I believe that, on the contrary, we *do* live in a perfect world.

All the envisioning, seeking, yearning and striving to "change the world",
to make it "more perfect" are, in my opinion, expressions of its
perfection. It's not as though we are "here" and the world is "there".

Please observe that what I am saying is not the same as "this is the best
of all possible worlds." But, on the other hand, a healthy dollop of
Candide's optimistic naivete is part of the improvement stew.


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