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3 May 1996 15:37:25 -0400

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I second Brad's comments about ISO and the intranet. My company is in a
similar situation, having received 9001 certification last year. Our
1,400 documents are in a database and released to hard copy on an as
needed basis on specially watermarked paper in order to assure document
control, among other things.

Training skills, job descriptions, corrective actions are all
computer-based and relational as necessary. My internal auditor group of
25 have access to the corrective action system via computer. All this
structure assisted us in surveillance audits by our certifying body, too.

>From the standpoint of readability, our documents have all been cast in a
format called the Information Mapping Method. Because documentation
problems account for the most number of major nonconformances in an ISO
system, clear documentation is crucial.

Information Mapping has contributed mightily to the success of learning
about and practice of ISO consistency principles in our organization. Our
800 people would not have been certified without it.

You can get more information in the US by calling 1 800 MAP-4544.
Internet address:

They have agents in Tokyo, Ciudad de Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. I
can't say enough positive things about this format for written business

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Barry Mallis Total Quality Resource Manager MARKEM Corporation Keene, NH

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