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Fri, 3 May 1996 18:20:35 +1000

I have lurked on this list for several months, and find the range of
topics discussed very interesting.

I am a specialist in benchmarking, and take a particular interest in
benchmarking as a tool for organisational learning. If you regard
benchmarking as more than simply finding out how your company ranks in
comparison with others, and instead perceive it as an advanced tool for
process improvement, organisational learning develops quickly. It also
encourages the development of new mental models and skill in systems

I would like to hear from any member of this list who has had some
experience with benchmarking within a learning organisation.

Members of this list may also be interested to look up my web site:
Benchmarking in Australia <>

The site contains several papers on various aspects of benchmarking,
including one on using teams for benchmarking. Also there is information
about a number of books and other resources to assist organisations that
are engaged in benchmarking or planning to do so.

The latest addition is a new bibliography and resources guide for
benchmarking: the International Benchmarking Sourcebook, 1996 Australian
Edition. I would be pleased to hear from any providers of products or
services that are specific to benchmarking, for inclusion in two new
editions of the Sourcebook that are planned for release in September,
covering North America and Europe.


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-- (Anne Evans)

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