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Responding to Ram, who started a thoughtful post with

>I tend to disagree with some of you when you say "abolish universities"

Ram, I think it may have been my post that started this small
conversation. I did not say *abolish universities*. I raised, quoting
someone else *do we still need universities any more than the delphic
oracle*. One is an assertion, the other an attempt to open a conversation
into how the institution "university' which tends, like all other
institutions, to preserve its own belief system might shift.

Come to think of it though, as a thought experiment, if all universities
were suddenly extingushed what would emerge to take their place, as they
emerged out of the liberation of intelligence that was the renaissence?.
If rather than debating our perceptions of the current reality of the
state of general education we imagined starting again what would [or would
we like to see] happen?

This takes Ram's [very practical] conclusion of improving the existing
[with which in a real world I agree] one step further to make sure we do
not make the existing better at doing the wrong thing.

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