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John Paul Fullerton wrote

>Do You mean that other species should be served by the self-evident

Yes. And I think we have to specifically recognize the fact. We humans
tend to think we can control the environment and can decide which species
survive and which go extinct. I think that the wolf can pursue the lamb,
and like the wolf we have a responsibility to only take from the
environment that which we use to survive. Can't that be stated as a guide

>Let me be more specific. It's easy to imagine animal rights activists
>disparaging the behavior of people who do not see things as they do.
>That's just one example, and I don't mean to use one group of people
>as being notably wrong.

Yes, but this is the nature of freedom of thought and expression. And yes
it happens today. One of the guiding principles should be that
disparaging the behavior of people is not a solution. Dialog and
convincing people to a belief is better. Just think of how the abortion
issue would be moot if the Christian right could recruit all of us to
their beliefs instead of passing laws.

> So even if we're not directly
>planning for tomorrow, it makes sense to be frugal where there are

Yes -- It is wise to be frugal in many things. But do you worry about the
fact that we may be destroying the planet's ability to replace the oxygen
we breath and put through our engines? Well in my lifetime and in my
children's maybe not a problem. Would I like to see a categorical
imperative stating that this generation and the following are committed to
preserving life - yes. In fact I'd like to think that the end of life on
earth happens when the sun explodes.


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