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J.C. Lelie (janlelie@pi.net)
Wed, 1 May 96 22:02:47 PDT

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Hi Rose,

You wrote:

> Yet I am still left with the question can you teach someone how to be a leader?

Yes and no. Yes: as we all have our own talents, we'll accept instruction,
teaching, coaching, whatever it takes to become a leader in our own right.

No: because we were taught to compete with our talents (perhaps because
the "pay-off" for competition is bigger at the short run or because we
misunderstood the "Success to the successful" archetype, or because it is
much more efficient to teach than to educate (notice its root: ducere = to
lead) or just plain jealousy) we tend to become "off-centered". We then
have problems understanding leadership, being led, experience resistance
everywhere, which we try to overcome etc etc. Well, at least i had. Now,
having a better understanding of the mental models on leadership, of the
way team learn and how the vision-thing works i begin to grasp the
concept: you can be taught leadership if you can find a teacher. And it
sometimes requires a shock to start looking.

Kind regards

Jan Lelie


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