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My name is Tuwenia Barnes and I am an MBA student at George Mason
University in Fairfax, Va. Currently, I'm in the process of writing a
research paper for a Management Information Systems class on the topic of
the emerging technology of Intranets.

I have read a few articles in the Learning Orgnization and believe that
this is the perfect place to discuss teaming in cyberspace, specifically
using Intranets.

My paper will discuss topics such as Intranets vs. groupware, Intranet
security concerns, current examples of successful Intranet implementations
(Eli Lilly, FedEx, Tyson Foods and more), limitations of current
technology, the effectiveness of teaming using the Intranet, and key
factors in the implementation of an Intranet. As I write this paper,
numerous questions have come to mind. I am hoping to generate dialogue in
the Learning Organization and gain some some insight on these issues.

The theme of the project is to analyze the technological and the
organizational behavior aspects of Intranets. In other words, how will
the technology foster (or hinder) collaboration, information sharing and
teaming skills? In that vein, I have listed some of my questions below.
I would greatly appreciate responses and providing any feedback or other
sources of information on the questions that I have. Thanks in advance
for your help.

1. How can an intranet be used for teaming?

2. How does an organization decide how to use an Intranet? For internal
vs. external access? For personnel/benefit plans only vs. collaborative
projects vs. commercial uses?

4. Are there current examples of training (especially interactive) via
the Intranet?

I would greatly appreciate your time and any feedback that you can
provide. You can reach me at:

I plan to turn in the paper next Friday, May 10, 1996

George Mason University
MBA Program


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