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01 May 96 00:05:02 EDT

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Jack said --

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...Mitsubishi workers
picketing the EEOC. They had gathered - with a little help from the boss
- to attack injustice. The government was picking on them, and treating
them unfairly, and they feared that maybe the impact would be that some or
many of them would lose their jobs. In any case, they clearly saw it as
an encroachment by government on their rights.

Inside the building, the EEOC people were busy with the paperwork with
which they intended to attack injustice - the unjust treatment of women
that Mitsubishi permits and encourages.

As I listened to the commentary, I got a strong feeling that the
journalists were attacking the injustice of giving Mitsubishi unfair
advantages at taxpayer expense.

People were really having a field day attacking injustice.

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Jack --

They clearly did not have a shared set of self-evident truths.


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