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Christian Giroux (lmccgir@LMC.Ericsson.SE)
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 18:09:16 -0400

Hi everyone,

I recently joined a team of 4 people in our company to review the
performance appraisal system. This is part of a bigger initiative to
improve people satisfaction where competence development, rewards and
recognition are also being reviewed.

I would be grateful to anyone who can either give us ideas or point us
towards Web resources or books or articles.

Our company is an software R&D organization for cellular networks (i.e.
the big phone switches). The average age here is around 27 years, and
people are mostly open to change, if I compare to other organizations I've
lived in or heard about.

Currently our performance appraisal system is what I would qualify as
pretty standard, yearly formal appraisal leading to salary setting and
personal and technical developemnt plans. Like in many organizations, the
objective setting is not working so well in the sense that a majority of
the employees don't have clear goals and objectives. When they do have
some, these are only towards results and almost never behavior improvement

We have a pretty sophisticated performance appraisal form, looking at the
individual objectives (even if most people don't have clear ones), and at
several (18) personal qualities such as judgement, initiative,
professionalism, etc...

At mid-year, we also have a shorter performance review, to check if
employees are on-track on their objectives. We have a separate form for
it, the short form, which is basically derived from the other one, but
only asks for less questions.

One of our Operaring Principles is:
"We provide simple solutions to complex challenges at the cutting edge
of technology."

As an engineer, I'd like to apply this principle to the new system, that's
why I decided to post this request for info.

I realize there was a similar thread a couple of years ago, but the
original question was different, and I'd like to see if ideas have
progressed since then (I would also bet most of the current subscribers to
this mailing lists weren't there 2 years ago...)


Christian Giroux


Christian Giroux <lmccgir@LMC.Ericsson.SE>

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