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Granade, Ben (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 08:28:55 -0800

Just a thought, undeveloped at present, but...could the concept and
lexicon of memes (see URL and
memetics be the tool being looked for in the quest for understanding and
using the ladder of inference?

It would seem that the Ladder of Inference rungs of Beliefs, Conclusions,
Assumptions and Meanings that are derived from Data and Experiences (from
Fifth Discipline Fieldbook) are examples of memes, meme-complexes and
metamemes. Recognizing that an assumption may be part of the infection
vector of a particular meme (i.e., rich people are smarter than poor
people) may help us to develop a vaccime in our personal belief-space.

[Host's Note: The ladder is usually stated this way -- Drawing from data
and experience, we Select Data, Add Meaning, Draw Conclusions, and Adopt
Beliefs. All this leads to our actions... Rick]

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