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> 2. My point is that anyone who "leads" change from within, and =
> this person must be at the top and have the ability to make=20
> fundamental changes, must have a teacher on the outside who=20
> he or she turns to for advice. The question then becomes =
> is really leading the change, the "teacher of the leader" or =

> the "leader"? By the way, "anyone" above includes myself as=20
> well.
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While it is advisable that all leaders (and followers) have a teacher =
who exists on another plane of consciousness or un- , it is not always =
the case. There are, of course, de facto teachers who live in the =
unconscious or as bits and pieces of the gestalt mental model that makes =
up the "leader", but these are not always apparent. Leadership raises =
many issues, not the least of which is the teacher/coach/mentor/shaman =
part of learning. A true leader is a true learner, but not all leaders =
are true, either to leadership or learning. =20

I have seen change made from within (and let us remember that not all =
change is good: "downsizing", cash flow managment, and other short term =
strategies create change which is intended [like the WWI income tax] to =
be temporary, but which fosters/festers long-term negativity) which has =
been effective to its intent. No teachers, no gurus, no consultants. =
Only customer requirements and internal will. Some learning costs more =
than others.

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