Academy of Management Conf LO7056 -Cincinnati

Jim Goes (
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 18:02:02 -0900

The conference program for the 1996 Academy of Management meetings in
Cincinnati is now available on the Internet. There are a variety of
methods to obtain a copy of the program.

World Wide Web

The preferred method for obtaining the program is by WWW/HTML browser,
which will provide you a web-friendly version of the program. If you have
WWW access, point your browser to one of the following sites:

1. The Academy of Mangement Online web site

2. The Management Archive web site

Gopher users can find the program on the Management Archive gopher.
Point your gopher to, and look in the Conferences


A text version of the program can also be obtained by anonymous ftp to, filename pub/program (after logging in type "cd
pub", then "get program"). 

E-mail ------ For those who do not have WWW, gopher, or FTP access, you can request a copy of the program to be sent by e-mail from the Ursus mailserver. THE OTHER METHODS ARE MORE EFFICIENT, SO PLEASE USE THEM IF YOU CAN.

To receive the program (in 7 parts) by return e-mail, send an e-mail message to, with the following one-line command in the body of the message (carriage return at the end of the line):

get aom program

E-mail versions may take up to an hour to be fully delivered, depending on the server load.

Thanks go to Bill Starbuck and the folks at NYU for creating an Internet-friendly version of the program. Enjoy!

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