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Sat, 27 Apr 96 14:16 GMT+0500

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Joe said:

>I'm at once repelled and intrigued by the question posed: how does one
>sell probably unreceptive organizations concepts, tools, and practices
>(the culture) of the learning organization?
>... discussing this question would be productive and I'd like to see
>individuals' reactions and recommendations.

I think you have given me an idea, Joe. Let me try to crystallize it here.

I would like to examine the subject line and concentrate on the word
"SELLING". Many times I have felt somebody trying to "sell" me something .
My question was "what's in it for me?". Even after being told the visible
benefits to me, I was not immediately assured because I DID NOT BELIEVE
THE BENEFITS WERE REAL. And I "close myself" to further reflection.

I think we need to find a way of making people internalize the idea with
out "selling". The difference lies in Western(US) and Eastern(Japanese)
managemenemt styles. Oriental managers do not prefer to confront/make
announcements("shocking the system"). They plant an idea in the minds of
people and then make it grow. Ultimately, people start believing it as
their own thoughts and implement them accordingly. This involves
monumental patience *couldn't help the adj :)*, long term faith in the
idea and the environment for ideas to grow.

I think I have changed the subject line to "How do I make a person realize
for him/herself the advantages of a learning organization?". *Rick, your
comments pls*


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