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On Thu, 25 Apr 96 08:16 Gary Scherling wrote -

> Joan Pomo says:
> > In our experience, the vast majority of bosses can be taught to be
> > effective at leading their subordinates to be highly productive,
> > highly committed, highly creative self-starters who love to come to
> > work and are 300% more productive than if poorly motivated.
> >
> > If you aren't skeptical about this, I would be surprised.
> At what level of bosses can you teach people. If a supervisor in a
> company becomes effective, and the rest of the company is still
> negative, poorly motivated....how effective can that supervisor be?
> How long will it take before that supervisor
> a) leaves for a more productive work environment
> or b) starts modelling the management behaviours
> I'm not skeptical about the ability to teach people to lead, what I am
> skeptical is how effective teaching one person in a company will be.
> If the person is senior enough, he may be able to influence a lot.

The level of the boss is irrelevant. Equipped with our specific actions
and reasons for them, that boss will be far more effective than if he/she
did not have them. Bosses at every level must deal with those more senior
or with those peers who act to create distrust and poor motivation in
their people.

We only focus on helping people who want to learn the way to high
productivity, commitment and creativity. The amount of their effect is a
matter for them to resolve. The more senior they are, the more people they
can positively affect.

Whether or not they chose to remain in a negative environment is up to
them. We focus on making them capable of being truly outstanding bosses
and to deal effectively with every inside and outside negative influence
while maintaining their own extremely positive attitude and morale.
Whether they chose to remain or not is not of concern to us although we
have given pros and cons, never recommendations.

Regards, Joan

Joan Pomo The Finest Tools for Managing People
Simonton Associates Based on the book
jpomo@gate.net "How to Unleash the Power of People"


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