Are Hierarchies All Bad? LO6964

Julie Beedon (
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 17:07:37

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> If we accept this proposition to be true, then I wonder how
>often, in a re-organization, is objective interdependence a decision
>criteria. From what I've seen, most individuals are unconscious to the
>concept of interdependence in relation to how they manage their

I am not sure if this is what we were doing but in a regorganisation I
recently worked with they were re-organising around process and spent a
great deal of time in dialogue about the need for a process leader ....
and what the role of that process leader would be ... some teams ended up
as quite large self-managing groups because of the nature of their process
- others with leaders..... some leaders do nat have people in their
process but they lead the cross process integration .... we are working on
implementation now and it does not seem heiarchical to me .....


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