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Steve Harvey (
Wed, 24 Apr 96 20:53:26 UT

Many thanks to the contributors to the vibrant discussions on how we can
(each one of us) make a positive difference in the world these days. Some
mornings some of these posting are just what I need to start the day

Based on nearly two months of observations of your postings, I think some
of you will appreciate this note on the "Stand for Children Day"
initiative here in the USA.

You can send an email to "" to get an automated FAQ
response with more information. Their 4-page FAQ answers the following

1. What is Stand for Children Day?
2. Who is involved in Stand for Children?
3. Is the Stand an effort to build support for a partisan political
4. How will the Stand for Children make a lasting difference?
5. How can I get involved?
6. What will happen on June 1?
7. How can I get to DC and where will I stay?
8. What other information is available electronically?
9. How can I get in touch with the Stand for Children Day Office
in DC?

This has absolutely nothing to do with the day-to-day issues associated
with helping people increase "their capacity to produce results they
really care about" ... but, then, perhaps, it -does- touch us in some way,
since our work life, personal life, family life are all intertwined.

Onward and Upward! :-)

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