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>I heard that some research had been pusblished recently which demonstrates
>the importance of and need for "soak time" for learning to be deep and

While I cannot offer the coordinates of such research, my anecdotal
experience is that "soak time," be it for learning or team building, is

People rarely learn (to the level of confidently and freely applying that
learning) quickly. They need time to absorb it, make it their own, reach
a level of confidence that allows them to take a risk by applying it, and
see that the group or organization will support their use of the learning,
that it is not a fad that will leave them exposed, high and dry. They
must build internal trust.

People rarely function as a true team without time to learn the strengths
and weaknesses of each member, understanding the emotional center, content
knowledge and process skills of their team mates. They must build
external trust.

All of this takes time. I'll be interested in the results of your

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