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Archie Kregear (kregear@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 23 Apr 1996 08:24:03 -0700

Replying to LO6881 --

I just cannot resist replying to this one!

Gary Scherling wrote:
> I'll answer that question with another!
> Will the Sr Managers of today be the Sr Managers of tomorrow?

In my particular position, after having nine different managers in the
last 4.5 years, what can we conclude? The Sr. Managers that I have seen
in the past few years have done more to hinder the work of the business as
they have to help it. From my position in lower middle management, I view
Sr. management is very similar to life in the paint in the NBA. There
are big individuals who are battling each other for position, maintaining
their territory. There are the fast movers who often sneak in and steal a
rebound now and then. These same fast movers will often challenge the
middle taking a project or idea to the hole, often getting the ball
blocked or getting "fouled" in the process. "But", you say, "in the NBA
the players are on different teams...," it only looks that way in
business. Maybe the main difference is that in business there are no
coaches, no referees. The quest for power in the corporate environment by
a lot of the old school management, leaves LO as a rookie who will not be
given the Ball.

Thanks all... (as I step down off my soap box).


Archie Kregear kregear@ix.netcom.com

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