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This is the best listserv I have come across. And the thing that
differentiates it is , its personalized. [See Host's note]

>There can be stages in the development of an LO. I have been trying to
>formulate them in easy to understand words but my thoughts are not clear
>at the moment.
>[Host's Note: Ram, you are welcome to try out your developing thoughts
>here on the LO list. I'm interested, and I believe others as well.

Awright Rick, here goes!!!!! :-)

I believe the first step to a LO starts with a learning individual. An
individual who refuses to be content with his/her limitations.An
individual who dreams of a perfect world . The individual who charts
his/her own path towards improving with a strong belief in that dream.
(Personal Mastery)

The next step is when the individual seeks / finds a group which has
similar dreams and members who have worked on improving thier skills.
(Teams , Shared Vision). This team is markedly different from the "rest of
the world" and it looks inward for development and shares ideas only with
in the Team.

The next step is when individuals from this group realize that there will
be others in the "rest of the world" who have similar dreams without
appropriate guidance. They go back to the "world" , demonstrate how
different they are from the "world", seek students , teach their skills,
learn from the "world" (Leader as Coach)

Steps 2 and 3 iterate over time till the "world" shares a common vision.

I have two questions.

What happens to this individual once he/she realizes the enormity of the
task ?

What happens to this individual if he/she does not find a Team with a
Shared Vision ?

The Shark - He glides silently , focused on his prey , giving no clue
whatsoever of his presence.
And when he attacks, its usually for a clean , effortless kill.

-- (Ram Sundaram)

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