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Hello to all,

I am a new member of this list. My associate and I are interested in
helping executives, managers and supervisors to achieve outstanding
results through people.

How does one create trust, honesty, fairness, cooperation, safety,
industriousness, quality, caring about the work and striving to meet
higher standards -- by the workforce? How does one develop high
productivity, motivation, commitment, creativity and teamwork all at once?
On a larger scale, how does one avert implementation failures in TQM,
Reengineering, Work Teams and other programs or recover from the damage of
a downsizing? What are the specific actions a boss must take and why
exactly are these right as compared to others?

Most executives, managers and supervisors know that their best people are
self-motivated, self-starting team players. What they probably don't know
is that every person has the capability to be this way because it is their
natural state. In this state, people are at least 300% more productive
than if unmotivated. In addition, bosses may not know that any boss, and I
mean ANY, can cause ordinary people to become self-directed and
self-motivated using specific actions which are easy-to-learn and

We believe that our "specific actions" can achieve all of the above goals
to a level beyond your wildest dreams. This leadership is delineated,
including reasons why, in our book "How to Unleash the Power of People".
>From the standpoint of creating a self-sustaining value-based culture
where self-control by values takes the place of top-down command and
control, this book has the prescription for real success and great
satisfaction for bosses and juniors alike.

That pretty well states what we do. We are joining this list in order to
gain a better understanding of what a "learning org" approach has to offer
and to compare it with our value-based-culture approach. Our approach was
developed by my associate during a 30+ year career as an

I can provide info on our book which includes the article " Leadership is
a Science not an Art" to anyone interested in understanding our approach.

Regards, Joan
Joan Pomo The Finest Tools for Managing People
Simonton Associates Based on the book "How to Unleash the Power of People"


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