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John Paul Fullerton (jpf@mail.myriad.net)
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 23:17:40 +0000

In a recent technical publication, there's reference to learning
organizations. This is the second time in the last two days that I've seen
a major software developer mention the work of Dr. Senge.

The "AT&T" Technical Journal", January/February 1996, v.75:no. 1 has an
article called "ASCC: The Impact of a Silver Bullet", p. 23-34. Authors
Nelson R. Deutschen, E. Jay Bowers, Jerry W. Lankford.

The Advanced Software Construction Center (ASCC) is a unit within AT&T.
Fred Brooks in "Mythical Man-Month" said that he didn't think that a
ten-times improvement in software construction, a so-called silver bullet,
would be found. The article talks about process improvement at the ASCC
and doesn't claim a ten-times improvement.

"The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) provided a model for measuring
successive levels of maturity in a development organization, and Peter M.
Senge defined a model for the learning organization."

Additional quotes

"The success of the ASCC can be attributed to two major strategies: a
complete alignment of processes to the organizational mission, and a human
performance management infrastructure that supports this alignment."

"improvement in performance requires organizations to focus on their
processes for managing, developing, and utilizing their people."

"One concern about becoming process focused is that it stifles the
creativity of the staff and is too tedious to follow."

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