Spirited Debate on LO LO6834

Scott R. Cypher (scypher@perform.vt.edu)
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 10:10:19 -0400

Replying to LO6800 --

>>SRC: My essential communication is that I prefer honesty to politeness.

> What about dialogue concerning work processes? One of the long-time
> workers may not be inclined to state their view in the group. Certainly
> being greated with correction and disapproval would not promote
> participation. Yet they know some things that could benefit us all, if we
> could get the perception into the realm where we all could see it.

Certainly a fundamental problem. I agree that past behaviors and habit
often create a situation where workers are judged by their point of view.
When the worker knows they will be judged on what they say (status quo),
and understand the consequences, if undesireable, they won't state their
point of view.

You work with the groups to get them to understand how their current
behaviors (being polite) create the fundamental problem (no honest).

Will you address the problem (don't get your honest point of view) or one
of the root causes (We have a sh*tty relationship)?

To get individuals to see how THEIR behavior and THEIR judgements create
this problem, the "moderator" or person who holds up a mirror needs to be
able to see past judgements.

This is necessary (from my experiences, one just the other day)
because in holding up a mirror, individuals seek to "rescue" themselves
from the mirror (I don't want to see how I REALLY look)
and will throw all their learned behaviors (judgments) at you to get you
to stop, just like they do everyday in the workplace.


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