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Joe O'Keeffe (100307.3672@CompuServe.COM)
20 Apr 96 08:13:58 EDT

Replying to LO6739 --

Julie Beedon wrote :
"I must say I am left reflecting that I am glad this is a learning rather
than an acedemic setting - no posses likely here!".

My sentiments entirely !

We each are drawn here for our own reasons and levels [mine being to learn
and grow and certainly I feel I have done that since joining in 3/95.
Thanks to many who have provided information and advice, in public and in

In a spirit of dialogue, I offer these thoughts regarding the spirit of
"discussion" [percussion ?] I consider appropriate to this list :

In an old poem, Desiderata, it is written (approx.?) : "Avoid loud and
aggressive people they are a vexation to the spirit"

We are fortunate to have Rick's dedication and light hand on the tiller of
this list. The result is (IMHO) a very internationally-acceptable "signal
to noise ratio". Too often the American abroad is accused of loud and
aggressive behaviour [naturally, not by me and never on the LO-list].

Also, given that everybody has something to contribute, I really do
appreciate the people who take the time to write short concise postings.
As Ricardo Semler says in "Maverick" : "...Mark Twain, who once apologised
for writing a long letter because he didn't have time to write a short
one" !

People move towards pleasure and away from pain. To me the LO-list
continues to be a pleasure...thanks to all and especially our "Host". Best

Joe O'Keeffe
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