Co-trainer's guide LO6816

Alan Mossman (100733.3202@CompuServe.COM)
19 Apr 96 17:40:25 EDT

I am an associate with Process Management International here in the UK.
Among other things we deliver Deming based process improvement and process
improvement advisor courses.

I have undertaken to produce something which will help PMI associates and
principles prepare themselves to co-train, co-instruct, co-consult, etc.

My initial thoughts are to create a short qualitative questionaire.
Sharing their answers may help the training team to explore issues,
values, ways of working etc which might affect their ability to work

I imagine this has been done before. If you know so would you be happy to
share a copy ?

If you don't know may be you have some key questions which you ask, key
issues that you explore before you co-train, co-instruct, co-consult, etc.

I will send those who respond a copy of the result once I have piloted it
a couple of times.




Alan Mossman e-mail The Change Business Ltd voice (+44) 01453 765611 19 Whitehall Stroud GL5 1HA England fax (+44) 01453 752261

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