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Trond Sjovoll (TrondS@msn.com)
Fri, 19 Apr 96 03:12:23 UT

Replying to LO6737 --

Fred Nickols says that:

"Teaching leadership has always seemed to me to be not just a futile but
also a misdirected exercise. I believe leadership can be modeled, that
is, an example can be set. I believe studies of leaders, reflections by
leaders, and analyses of situations in which leadership has been displayed
can be communicated. I even believe leadership can be learned. But I do
not believe leadership can be taught."

And I agree. I believe that what we are usually left with after most
training seminars on leadership is a confirmation of what we already do
well. Only to a small degree are we able to make any headway into the
areas in which we could use some help and improvement. I refer to this
type of 'Training' as EnterTrainment.

In order to gain tangible and sustainable results, I have found that
one-on-one and group leadership coaching where personal and
organizationally specific issues are tackled works the best.

Obviously this is not a quick fix approach, but one that requires a
long-term commitment to personal improvement and organizational change.



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