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Rol, I'm combining your question here about "self evident truths" and
"principles" with your other one about "self evident truths" and "for the
moment" and personal belief statements.

Principles do not exist "in reality" and therefor can't very well be "self
evident truths". We can make up principles (in sets) and teest them out
for usefulness. If they work, they do not become "self evident truths"
but remain principles that we "made up".

How could such things become "self evident truths" for a particular person
or group? By becoming unquestioned and unquestionable. There are many
processes that can lead to this. Some of these are positive and
beneficial - and still have the downside of not being open to challenge.

The problem for me with the term "self evident truth" is that it implies
that it is no longer open to question. (I said *implies*, not becomes so
necessarily.) A set of principles implies more openness to challenge (by

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