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Thu, 18 Apr 1996 11:34:13 -0500 (CDT)

Regarding Tony DiBella's intro in LO6751. Tony stated,

"The variety of opinions about the meaning, value, and how-to of
the 'learning organization' and 'organizational learning' derive primarily
from our different underlying assumptions. I'd like to see more dialogue
on the foundations of our thinking instead of debate over their

My understanding of what you are wanting is to look at learning
organizations using an inductive process and work outwards to the
manifestations instead of deductively from the manifestations to the
"foundation" whatever that turns out to be. Since I am a better deductive
reasoner, IMHO, it seems that identifying the manifestations in a learning
organization is the first step for me to recognize that there is something
at the foundation of the manifestation. It is essential for me to begin
to explore the foundation or underlying layers of the manifestation. As
an example, in order for me to do something different in my life, to learn
something in order to change, I have to have a need to know. Maybe it's a
reactiveness that results in some button getting pushed inside me that
results in less than desired behavior. As I take responsibility for that
energy behind that inappropriate [my judgment] behavior, I am willing to
go inside to the foundation, through the layers, of that behavior to see
what is driving it. Then I am able to do something about deenergizing that

Is this anywhere close of what you are wanting in LO dialogue?

Sandy Kettle
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville


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