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Tue, 16 Apr 1996 22:23:44

Replying to LO6651 -- was: Issues/Trends in Mgmt Dev't

>Here we are, a large scale group. Can we discuss this issue of paper vs
>plastic, and come to agreement on a temporary, local truth that -- until
>we learn better -- we are willing to go forward with? Who would like to
>lead off the dialog?

[Host's Note: No, I don't want to discuss paper vs. plastic here on LO,
but I've distributed this message because of Julie's comments about large
roup process. ...Rick]

I think one of the thing which I omitted to say is that I am not sure that
having a large group tackle a single issue is likely to be worthwhile -
the real power of the whole system dynamic is in their ability to deal
with a range of issues across a number of stakeholder groups
simultaneously and build common ground about the future and how they can
make it happen - once they agree on a positive image of the future they
all want to create then the type of bags needed to support the movement to
that mage of potential might be clearer.

>Actually, the state of Maine wrestled with this very issue a few years ago
>as a state. Good sized group, you could say. We resolved the question
>for the time being, but not by finding common ground.

How did the State wrestle with the issue? Was it an interactive process?

>Common Ground efforts do not always work. I do not believe anyone
>keeps score on their success rate.

I am not sure I understand fully what your issues are with common
ground and how you are defining it - could you say more (or have
you said it before and I lost it?) How might we be measuring their


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