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Wed, 17 Apr 96 16:52:55 EST

Replying to LO6712 --

Rol wrote:

> There is a time for change to occur, and it requires a broad sense
> from the population at large that change is necessary. None of the
> current indicators show that to be the case.

Fantastic analysis. I agree that change to the school systems won't
occur yet, but my reasons may differ from yours. I beleive that in a
majority of people, the learning done in school is not the important
factor today.

Using the school systems for the babysitting of children so that both
parents can pursue their careers and have freedom from the
responsiblity of being a parent. Is that potentially why the majority
won't recognize the requirement for change? Because the value and
applicability of learning being done is secondary?

I remember reading from some educators on this mail list who have a
dream of building their own school, or running a different approach to
schooling. I'd like to hear their comments!

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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