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John Paul Fullerton (
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 08:07:33 +0000

Replying to LO6709 --

responding to LO6709

about not speaking
> up when I see/hear a parent being abusive to a child
> in the supermarket.

Recently, an understanding that I had about NOT breaking into family
dealings with children prompted an insight. The understanding was based on
something I had heard, though I don't remember what the words were. And
I'm not saying I shouldn't interfere, no matter what.

It appeared that the language that might seem harsh to an outsider, "if
you don't sit down in that basket, I'm going to break you in little pieces
and feed you to the pigeons", probably has other meaning to the people
saying and hearing it. "There's nothing I can do right now about getting
the behavior I'm requesting; however, let me mention the phrase that we
use before YOU get tickled." That's a silly example, yet even in cases of
yelling and apparent anger, the meaning of "stop doing that or there will
be consequences" might be there.

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