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Dr Zainal Ariffin Ahmad (zaba@usm.my)
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 17:05:47 +0800 (MYt)

Greetings from Malaysia

I have been following the discussion for the past several months and have
learned a lot from the many viewpoints and ideas shared on the line. I
need your help in terms of identifying literature and examples of faculty
development activities and initiatives that are done in your
organisations, either university/college settings and/or primary/secondary
school systems.

I see faculty development as a form of human resource development targeted
to those in academia, somewhat similar to management development
opportunities in business organisations. To the extent that faculty
development provides academicians opportunities for renewal or
rejuvenation, or as Simpson calls 'regenerative learning', I hope to learn
from what your institutions have done and are doing to facilitate this in
terms of:

1. What is the philosophy of your institution with regards to faculty

2. What kinds of support (financial, infrastructure, recognition) are

3. In terms of dollars, how much is invested, and what is the return on
investment in terms of morale, productivity and vitality of the faculty

4. Who is in-charge of the faculty development efforts?

5. How does faculty development 'fit in' from the standpoint of making
your institution a 'learning organisation'?

Please share with me what is being done at your institutions, and I will
be glad to share the compiled results with the rest of the LO group.
Please direct your answers to my e-mail address (Zaba@usm.my).

Thank you for your cooperation.

[Host's Note: people responding, please consider whether your comment is
of general interest (OK to send to LO list). If your are responding to
the direct questions above, please send directly to Dr. Ahmad. Thanks.
... Rick]

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